No small window or pop-up anymore. You see what you need to see and even more. The Tool is rich of details: Players, structures even details of meteorites and drones. Where is the player, what is in his inventory. Is he out of Air or how much resources does he have in his blueprint factory. Is he a cheater or is he suspicious. How long is he already playing on the server and what about his Steam profile? And wouldn't it be nice to have an overview of all the playfields and their players? Everything visible to you! In the full version you can do pretty much everything you can think of. One of the more powerful function is to edit the players inventory or location (warp him). Combined with the custom item templates you can give him the starter inventory without losing their levels or location or whatever you see fitting. You even can create your own templates like "Food template" or "Ammo template". You can also impersonate him to see his view of things or warp yourself to him.

What is going on or was going on in the game? The Chat-Tool helps you out. It marks all chats that are important, showing you when and who said what. You weren't online all night long? No problem! The Alert function lets you know what happened in your absence. So without having to read the whole chat you can just jump to the most important parts. And what about all the other nationalities? Russian, French, Swedish, Dutch, German, ......? Well automatic translations make it easy for you to read them all.