Send Logs To Devs

Parts of "Send Logs To Devs" are only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version (Structures,etc) and without FTP activation

Sending information and files and logs to the devs can be quite some work. On the other hand, the devs need input to fix issues. This feature helps you to gather all necessary information from the tool and all the files you need in one Zip file. You simply have to select what information you want to send.

How to use it?

First. If this problem has to do with a structure or player, make sure to select them in the player or structure list and klick on "Mark for Dev Logs" in nthe context menu to remember them.

Now you can open the "Send logs to Devs" function and select the options you want to include:

Error folders: Inserts the Error folders in the Game directory of the date you selected ("When did it happen")

Log files: Inserts the latest Logfile-Folder

Dedicated.yaml: Under rare cases this also might be helpfull for the devs

Backup: You can select a Backup or create a new one. This backup will also be included then

Premarked player/structures: All information about those player and structures that you selected before in the player or structure list, will be send to the devs. This includes all tool-data in the selected timeframe ("When did it happen"). These are the playfield logs, as well as detailed information about the ship and the player.

Premarked player/structures files:: If you dont select a backup and selected some structures, those structure files, as well as the playfield they are one, would be send. Helpfull if you dont want to send the big backup.

Statistics: Some statistic information of the selected timeframe ("When did it happen")

When did it happen?: Please choose the time and day when the incident happend. give it a little extra time before and after to make sure the devs see what happend around that time. This option influences what logs will be send.

Further Infos: Here you can write down all the information that the devs need to know about the incident. Be as clear and detailed as possible. If you are able write down the exact sequence of thing that happend or that can reproduce the bug/exploit.

Click on "Create Zip File". This might take some minutes. The file will be placed in your Backup folder. Please make sure to upload this file and send the link to the devs. Further information how are shown on the bottom of the dialog.

Please be aware that certain functions are disabled depending on if you have the lite version (since no structures are available) or if you have the ftp activated (no backup and no files can be collected).