FTP (Lite)

FTP Port

FTP Server Port (only when ftp is active)

FTP User (Lite)

FTP User (only when ftp is active)

FTP Old (Lite)

If FTP does not work, try this option.

FTP Type (Lite)

Active / Passive / SFTP

FTP Repeat (Lite) (Set manual in Settings.xml)

How often he should try to repeat to download/upload a file after an error occured

FTP Timeout (Lite) (Set manual in Settings.xml)

Timout to connect ot the FTP Server and perform tasks

FTP Active (Lite)

Set FTP active/inactive. After setting FTP to active the FTP-Fields will be editable. If you activate FTP, polease make sure to enter the "Automatic Load" function in the Timetable, maybe every 5 minutes. This way every 5 minutes the Information will be updated.

Refresh from FTP (Lite)

Downloads the dedicated.yaml file to load the current settings. (only when ftp is active)

FTP Password (Lite)

Set the FTP password. (only when ftp is active)