Anti Cheat

Only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now

The most powerful feature?! It even bans faster than EAC! Empyrion is still in alpha and there are people out there who just can't live without cheating and hacking. It is their hobby, their life. So to keep them out of your server and keep the fun for other people we implemented an mechanism that detects hacker automatically and banning them automatically.

How does the Anti-Cheat System work?

Well we will not go into detail here, since we dont want to give cheaters a way to go around it. Lets say: It works good and in combination with EAC it should keep your server clean.

How do I activate it?

Anti-Cheat is alsways active and will inform you in a way about cheaters. But if you want to make sure real cheaters are taken care of when you are asleep, go to Functions->Config and check "Auto Ban".

What Information does it give me?

First of all there are 4 categories visible that you see in the player list under "Cheater"

  • "No" - Normal and no Cheater
  • "Maybe" (Orange) - The Player looks a bit suspicious, but nothing to worry about. Just in case you want to check him
  • "High" (Red) - Well this Player looks way more suspicious, but also he could be a normal player, who just achieved a lot. Still, maybe worth while checking him out.
  • "Extreme" (Yellow) - Definetley a cheater and he would be automatically banned.

All of these catogeries are visible by its color (player row is highlighted and depending on the reason also the inventory slot).

Then there is the Cheat reason to be found under "Cheat":

  • "Inventory" / "Inventory ammount": Many items of a kind that are rather rare or way too much items. Since the change of the BP-Factory (that you can speed it up with certain items) people are building rare items in mass. So we are still adapting our warning mechanism. Let us know if you have suggestions.

  • "Red counter": Each time a player gets marked as "High-Cheater posibillity" he gets a red counter. If that happens to often he will be marked allways red. Because thats also suspicious.

  • "Blueprint": Well quite a lot of blueprint material

  • "Health" / "Food etc": Something suspicious about that values

If someone was caught a warning will appear in the "Last Warning" section and it will be loged into the log-file.