Patch Notes - EPG

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Patch notes - 1.06.11

  • Fixed: Icon "No" will be not written in yaml anymore
  • Removed: Old Orbit Line setting

Patch notes - 1.06.10

  • Added: Map type Instance

Patch notes - 1.06.09 (For Alpha 9.0)

  • Fixed: Changed row details to separate lists to prevent tool freeze and scroll problems
  • Fixed: A couple other performance problems and crashes/freezes

Patch notes - 1.06.08 (For Alpha 9.0)

  • Added: Alpha 9.0 ready
  • Added: New field ImageTemplateDir

Patch notes - 1.06.07 (For Alpha 8.0)

  • Added: Changed the way sector files and Playfield Biomes are loaded. Now you can select the sector file on your own. This is especially important for Scenarios.

Patch notes - 1.06.06 (For Alpha 8.0 EXP V)

  • Added: Log unhandled errors/crashes
  • Added: CTRL + S will save the yaml
  • Added: Show Save-Status at bottom of window
  • Added: Line for allowed playfields are shown (white)
  • Added: Line for dienied playfields are not shown anymore
  • Fixed: Exception on save when no yaml was loaded
  • Fixed: Orbit-Names in Map and Line-Tooltip wrong

Patch notes - 1.06.05 (For Alpha 8.0 EXP V)

  • Fixed: Add new Playfield causes crash

Patch notes - 1.06.04 (For Alpha 8.0 EXP V)

  • Added: Alpha 8.0 changes
  • Added: Orbit should always be last in the Playfield list. Please keep the following Empyrion notes in mind: "You can still have as many planets or moons in a sector as you want. However, the orbit must be defined last and the main planet first in the list. Please update your Sectors.yaml accordingly."
  • Added: Drag&Drop for Playfields. You can now reorder the Playfields (by holding your left mousebutton clicked) to make it easier for you to adapt your sector maps for the above change.

Patch notes - 1.06.03 (For Alpha 8.0)

  • Added: Alpha 8.0 ready
  • Added: Sector Map Style
  • Added: Increased scrollability by x2 in each direction

Patch notes - 1.06.02

  • Added: Give notice when saved

Patch notes - 1.06.01

  • Added: Alpha 6.0 - Orbit Line support

Patch notes - 1.06

  • Added: Alpha 6.0 support

Patch notes - 1.05

  • Added: Allow/Deny
  • Added: New way of Reading Yaml
  • Added: Origins
  • Fix: nasty empty Orbit bug

Patch notes - 1.04

  • Added: Alpha 5.1
  • Added: Read/Write Allow/Deny, but no Edit yet

Patch notes - 1.03

  • Added: Preparation for 5.0
  • Fix: Several bugs

Patch notes - 1.02.01

  • Fix: Error when saving

Patch notes - 1.02.0

  • Added: Choose diferent folders
  • Added: Catch forbidden characters in playfield
  • Added: More validations
  • Started: Biomes.... this might still take a while

More comming after vacation :)

Patch notes - 1.01.0

  • Added: Cleanup Backups after 2 days
  • Added: Load Biomes automatically and reload button
  • Added: Partly prevent entering of wrong Data and prevent saving of wrong data
  • Added: Backup Sector yaml in Sectors Folder
  • Added: Config Settings in English
  • Added: Selection of Icons
  • Added: Save on Exit
  • Added: Mark Planets to move multiple
  • Added: Checkbox Start Planet
  • Added: Toggle Distance Line visibility
  • Added: Expander for let area to get Map Fullview
  • Fix: Crash when klick on save button to often
  • Fix: Error when Editing and Sorting
  • Fix: Z-Coordinates
  • Fix: Show coordinates on border

Patch notes - 1.0.0

  • Added: Release of our new tool - Emp Playfield Generator (EPG)!
  • Added: Reading and writing of Sector.yaml
  • Added: Editable list of all Data - all axis X, Y, Z.
  • Added: Visual Map of Data (Sector/Orbit)
  • Added: Drag & Drop to move planets / orbits in all axis X, Y, Z
  • Added: Playfields will be automatically connected if in range
  • Added: Show AU distance between planets (see Tooltip when hoovering over lines)
  • Added: Show Playfield Map visibility ingame by textcolor of planet