Patch Notes - EPG

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Patch notes - 1.05

  • Added: Allow/Deny
  • Added: New way of Reading Yaml
  • Added: Origins
  • Fix: nasty empty Orbit bug

Patch notes - 1.04

  • Added: Alpha 5.1
  • Added: Read/Write Allow/Deny, but no Edit yet

Patch notes - 1.03

  • Added: Preparation for 5.0
  • Fix: Several bugs

Patch notes - 1.02.01

  • Fix: Error when saving

Patch notes - 1.02.0

  • Added: Choose diferent folders
  • Added: Catch forbidden characters in playfield
  • Added: More validations
  • Started: Biomes.... this might still take a while

More comming after vacation :)

Patch notes - 1.01.0

  • Added: Cleanup Backups after 2 days
  • Added: Load Biomes automatically and reload button
  • Added: Partly prevent entering of wrong Data and prevent saving of wrong data
  • Added: Backup Sector yaml in Sectors Folder
  • Added: Config Settings in English
  • Added: Selection of Icons
  • Added: Save on Exit
  • Added: Mark Planets to move multiple
  • Added: Checkbox Start Planet
  • Added: Toggle Distance Line visibility
  • Added: Expander for let area to get Map Fullview
  • Fix: Crash when klick on save button to often
  • Fix: Error when Editing and Sorting
  • Fix: Z-Coordinates
  • Fix: Show coordinates on border

Patch notes - 1.0.0

  • Added: Release of our new tool - Emp Playfield Generator (EPG)!
  • Added: Reading and writing of Sector.yaml
  • Added: Editable list of all Data - all axis X, Y, Z.
  • Added: Visual Map of Data (Sector/Orbit)
  • Added: Drag & Drop to move planets / orbits in all axis X, Y, Z
  • Added: Playfields will be automatically connected if in range
  • Added: Show AU distance between planets (see Tooltip when hoovering over lines)
  • Added: Show Playfield Map visibility ingame by textcolor of planet