Structure limit control

Only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now

Since the game has its limits like 255 cores on one playfield but also a lot of lagg when to many structures with too many devices are on a playfield, we created the structure limit control (SLC). The SLC tracks all structures from time to time. If a player or faction who does not obey your rules (lets call him sinner) is caught he gets a warning until he obeys again or until the tool takes that structure.

How to activate it:

In the config you can activate the function. Just check the "Structure limit control" If you want to execute also the judgment (taken the structure of the sinner away) set a faction in the "Structure-Control: Set to Faction" box. Just put the Faction Tag in there. judgment = If for example a structure is beyond the block limit you set and he ignores all warnings, the tool would set the structure to the faction you entered here. This faction of course needs to be created first. Therefore go into the game, create that faction, but dont leave the faction right away (otherwise the faction might disapear). Just reset yourselve or set for you a new faciton by the tool.

No you have to say how often and in what timespan the sinner should be warned. Therefore go to Timetable and set the "Playfield structure limit check" to 15 minutes and in Parameter for example a "5". That means he controls and warns every 15 minutes and allows 5 Warnings until he would take the ship (if faction is set in config)

Then go to Playfields and set whatever you want to control

  • Max Fa. CV: 0 = unlimited >0 Allow only x CV's of a faction on this Playfield
  • Max Fa. Base: Same just for Bases
  • Max. Pl. CV/BA/SV/HV: Same just for Player. Note: if FA CV and Pl CV are set to 1, a player could have one private CV and his faction could have 1 cv on that playfield.
  • Max Class CV/BA/SV/HV: What should be the maximum allowd class for CV/BA/SV/HV
  • Max Structures: How many Structures in General are allowed on that Playfield. The maximum is 230! Since 255 cores ingame on one playfield means the death of the playfield! As soon as 90% of your structure-limit is reached a warning about that playfield is send out each time its checked. If the limit is reached another stronger warning will be send and if the structures reach 240 a very strong warning will be send. To use this function set the Timetable Action: "Playfield Max Overall Structure Check". Maybe repeat it each hour)
  • Max Faction/Player Base overall PVE/PVP: Same as Max Fa/Pl. CV/BA... just for all PVE/PVP Playfields. So a Player can only have for example 1 CV on all PVE Playfields in general. This could encourage PVP and limit extreme PVE Planets. 0 means unlimited.

How to protect someone from this control:

Admins/Gamemaster etc are allways protected fomr this control. If a faction has an admin in their faction, this faction is also protected. Under factions you can also select a faction and check the "Structure Limit Protection" to protect that faction of beeing checked.

Who is a sinner right now:

See under "Str. Limit" in the Function-Flyout. Here all current sinners and further information are shown. For example:

  • On what playfield the control was made.
  • When was he warned last, and how often.
  • And which structures are actually the once that are over the limit.