Pole Control

"Ship Pole Control Warp" only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now

Another feature just to fix game bugs. Often it happens that player and ship land in the pole/green barrier or atmosphere where they get disconnected and cant login anymore. Much worth, often it even crashes the whole playfield. Therefore the "Pole Control" feature was implemented.

How to activate it:

The control is allways activate and will warn you in the "Latest Warnings"-Section if someone or something is longer then 2 minutes in pole. Ships are marked res in the structure list if they are in pole. Ships and player have a checkbox you can filter to see who is in pole. What does "pole" mean? It refers not only to the pole (yellow barrier) itself, but also to the green barrier, below planet, above planet as well as extreme orbit coordinates. So every location that is unhealthy for the player and server.

How to activate automatic warp:

In the config you can activate the function. Just check the "Pole Control Warp" and/or "Ship Pole Control Warp"

With this function turned on, player or ships will be automatically warped out of the "pole" after 3 minutes. They will be warped to the next possible location.