There are many features you should know of. Because we encrypted almost everything it allows us to perform operations other tools can't do. Especially in the full version you can customize the inventory of players, restore Structures from Backup or manipulate everything regarding the player.

Most of it can be done with the right click context menu.

Other features are to ease your life. Especially busy server will know how stressful it can be to support all of the players. With the chat / alert feature, Intruder Logs, Player Map you can easily help yourself and the players!

Not yet documented functions:

  • Master/Slave Tool
    • Slave tool loads config from master and does not save its own data. Used for other users also using the tool. The Master-Tool will handle all operations like chatbot, ban, etc...
  • Latest Warnings
    • Warnings will be automatically shown on the bottom of the player list.
    • A color code is used to highlight important warnings
    • Examples: Structures or player in pole; Player who cant login; Player trys to use a console command which he has no right to; Cheater caught.
  • Turn off list-updates
    • Turns off Chat-, Player- and Playfield list to save performance. The chat will still display alerts and mark them yellow for 30 minutes. Therefore this function is perfect to keep the server in check without the need to see all the chat.