This section contains functions for the Server or Game

  • Start
  • Stop (Now/In 5 min)
  • Restart (Now/In 5 min)
  • Kill Game
    • Kills the game (server and playfield) process
  • Backup
    • Manually Backup the Save-Game
    • Cleans up old backups after 3 days
  • Backup Structures
    • Manually Backup off structures only (good for for Structure-Load from Backup)
  • Cleanup Structures
    • Cleans up the shared folder and deletes all obselete structures (they get never deleted by game)
    • You can also automatically start this with the timetable "Shared Cleanup"
    • It will list all structures and show how long the structure is gone and/or which files/data is missing.
    • The function will not remove active structures.
    • The column "Remove" will show you whish structures he will remove.
    • Click on "Remove Old" to remove all obselete structure files.