Chat / Chatbot

Chat / Chatbot

New Player Welcome Message

Set the Message a new player should get when he starts fresh on the server

Chat Alerts

Set your own keywords, that should be highlighted as alerts in the chat. Split each keyword with #


Activates the Chatbot

Swear filter

Activates the Swear filter (Bans people for 2 hours increasing if they use to much bad language)

Swear filter only in Global

Activates the Swear filter only in global chat. People can write what they want in faction chat.

Warning until ban

Determins after how many automatic warnings (for ex. due to the swear filter) the player should be banned ofr some time.

Increas ban-hours

Determins the amount of hours to increase after each automatic ban. So if set to two, the first time he will be banned for 2 hours, next time for 4 hours, ...

Conditional swear-words

Set your own words seperated by #. Player that use those

Chatbot Commands (in seconds)

How long does a player have to wait until he can type another intensive chatbot command like am:get:all