This feature allows you to set up automated Events.

This feature is still WORK IN PROGRESS! Basics are working though

How can I activate it?

Activate it in Config/Features: Activate Events

It can be used via the following Chatbot commands: EV:List EV:Start EV:Exit

How can I add an event it?

Open the Event list under Features\Events

For now its a simple list where you can enter an event. This will be changed soon. Add an event by adding a line. Fill out the Parameters like in the above Screenshot-Example.

If you want to let Players choose a position (or random assignment) activate it via "Can choose position". After you entered the event try the chatbot commands to test the function. EV:List / Start / Exit

For now the Eventmanager just starts/ends and plans the next start of an event. A Player can apply for a event, get warped, get a new inventory if selected (old is saved) and if they leave the event (manually via ev:exit, or when event ends) get their inventory back (if selected) and get warped back.

Further features like winning conditions, structure spawns, prices and event types are done soon.