Admin Profile

This feature allows you to set up some Admin profiles.

Why do you want them?

Using functions like "Warp to player/structure", "Impersonate", etc... are allways bound to the current EAH-Tool-Admin set in the Config (Before you had to enter the steam id). If you work with several Admins on the same EAH-Tool this might cause problems, since you might forget to change that steam ID and warp the other Admin instead of you. Now you can select a set of Admins.

How can I enter new Admins?

EAH fill the Admin Profile automatically by all those who are ingame "Admins". But you can add/edit/delete an Admin by opening "Functions\Config\Profile\"

How can I switch between Admins?

1) You can change it in the Config

2) You can easily change it on the bottom of EAH Main page