Logs and Statistics

In this section you can see all Logs and Statistics

Not yet documented functions:

  • Player Log
    • See special logs of what concerns the player
  • Player Activity Log
    • Show all activity of the player
  • Family share accounts
    • Lists you all player that have multiple accounts and shows you in which factions they are playing with wich accounts. This is helpfull to catch infiltrators.
  • Coordinate Logs
    • Show all movement of structures and player
    • See also what happend around a certain area (set your own distance)
  • Chat Bot log
    • See all chatbot comands the player used
  • Chat logs
    • Contains all chat since last wipe.
  • Warnings
    • Shows all warnings that have to do with player or factions
    • Example: Swear-Word warnings, Login problems, Structure limit warnings
  • Structure limit sinners
    • Shows all those who did not follow the structure limit rules
  • Entities
    • Lists all entities (for now only in the statistic log)