Deleted Structures

If you notice a lot of missing structures or get the following error message you should check for the reason. "ATTENTION: On Playfield 'Skillon' 42 structures were deleted. Did you wipe it? Otherwise this looks like a bug. Please check the logs."

What could be a reason?

  • Did you wipe the Playfield manualy or via timetable?
  • Did you start a new game, but did not do a "Fresh start" from the config (in the EAH tool)
  • A bug in the game caused lost structures (this is serious and should be reported to the devs.

Where can you find more information about what happend?

First of all check those deleted structures.

Go to the structure log and check where the structures where deleted.

  • Are they all after another? Then its possible a broken Playfield
  • Are they really gone? Or are they mentione a few pages later as "Created". Then it was probably just a EAH-Game communication bug and its all alright.

Then check a few of those structures. Is there a reason for the loss of that structure. Check for example the "Structure list". Try to find the deleted structures and check the reason in the "Structure activity" (turn on details on the left bottom first).

  • Core Removed: A player/structure/drone/alien removed the core. It will tell you who did it. If there is no name but an ID then it might be a drone or alien.
  • Decay: The structure was wiped since it had no core for the set time (See Gameoptions.yaml "Decay time")
  • Wipe: The structure was wiped since it was not visited in the set time (See Gameoptions.yaml "Wipe time")
  • Other entries: The tool will tell you why it got destroyed
  • Is there no entry, then a game bug happend

What if there is no reason and many structures got deleted?

This is a serious game bug and needs to be reported! Use the "Send Logs" function in the "Functions"-"Logs and Statistic" section. Include as many details as possible.

Further the following Information are very helpfull:

Go to "Functions"-"Logs and Statistics"-"Playfield" and make a screenshot of the time of the error (and a few lines before/after). Filter for the corrupted Playfield and filter also for "Playfield" in the Name column. Important is to see when the Playfield was unloaded before and Loaded (right before the error).