Screenshot of the Config

All configurations for the Tool to work can be set here. Each time you change your config, it is advisable to restart the tool. Some settings are only activated after a restart of the tool. Most of the configuration is taken automatically out of the dedicated.yaml file. Therefor its imporstant to set the settings for the dedicated.yaml file first.

HINT: Many hints are shown in the Tool-Tips when hovering over the fields.


IP-Adress or name of your server

Overwrite Telnet IP (Lite)

If your server has a different telnet ip, please enter it here. If not you can leave it empty. This is needed for Nitrado for example!

Game Directory

Path to the Empyrion directory where the executable and dedicated.yaml is located. When FTP is activated, this is the directory from your FTP entry point to the Game directory (there needs to be at least one folder inbetween). Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\" or ftp: "Empyrion - Galactic Survival/"

Dedicated.yaml filename

Name of the Dedicated.yaml file

Dedicated.cmd filename

Name of the Dedicated.cmd file to start the server

Creative Game Player Directory

Path to the 'Player' folder of your local Creative Game. Only important if you want to use the function 'Copy player to creative' Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games\Creative\Players"

Own Player ID

Your own Player ID (Steam-ID). Used to move the player to creative game or for impersonation

Telnet Port

Telnet Server Port (Read-Only). Its taken out of the dedicated.yaml file.

Backup Directory

Path to the Backup folder (The standard is "Game Directory\"Backups")

Chat Alerts

Set your own keywords, that should be highlighted as alerts in the chat. Split each keyword with #

New Player Welcome Message

Set the Message a new player should get when he starts fresh on the server

Master Config Directory

If set, this tool wil only save his own config and loads all other configurations automatically from the Master-Tool. If you want to use it, please enter here the 'Config\'-Folder of the Master tool.

FTP Port (Lite)

FTP Server Port (only when ftp is active)

FTP User (Lite)

FTP User (only when ftp is active)

FTP Old (Lite)

If FTP does not work, try this option.

FTP Type (Lite)

Active / Passive / SFTP

FTP Repeat (Lite) (Set manual in Settings.xml)

How often he should try to repeat to download/upload a file after an error occured

FTP Timeout (Lite) (Set manual in Settings.xml)

Timout to connect ot the FTP Server and perform tasks

FTP Active (Lite)

Set FTP active/inactive. After setting FTP to active the FTP-Fields will be editable. If you activate FTP, polease make sure to enter the "Automatic Load" function in the Timetable, maybe every 5 minutes. This way every 5 minutes the Information will be updated.

Refresh from FTP (Lite)

Downloads the dedicated.yaml file to load the current settings. (only when ftp is active)

FTP Password (Lite)

Set the FTP password. (only when ftp is active)

Server Exchange Directory

Path to the server exchange. Used for the communication between multiple users using the tool and to recieve data from the service.

Server Own-Name (Full)

Your own Name. Has to be unique under all partners. It is needed for the Emp Service (Full version)

Server Parnter-Name's (Full)

Your Partner's Name. Seperated by ';'. (You neet to put all other user-names in here, who use the tool with you on the server).

Structure-Control: Set to Faction (Full)

Determins the faction (shortcut), to be used if someone does not obey your structure control rules. Ships would be set to that faction

Survival Money (Full)

How much Credits should each player get after each full wipe of the server (fresh start)

Game Version

Depending on the Game Version you are running you need to set this value. If the current version is not listet, use the latest version. This means there were no major changes that affect the tool.


Activates the Chatbot

Swear filter

Activates the Swear filter (Bans people for 2 hours increasing if they use to much bad language)

Structure limit control (Full)

Activates the automated control of structure limits and block limits, that you can set in the playfield list

Structure control Block/Device execution (Full)

Activates the taking of a ship to a certain faction, if the owner does not obey your limits.

Auto Ban (Full)

If checked the tool will automaticaly ban cheaters that are confirmed due to their inventory, health, blueprint-factory, etc....

Combat log (Full)

If checked the intruder log will be filled, showing possible intruders and attacks.

Emergency Warp

Activates the Emergency Warp. Warps a player automatically out of pole/green barrier when he is in there for more then 2 minutes. Also warps player who cant login (due to crashed playfield) to hist starter-planet or another pve planet.

Pole Control Warp

Enables the automatic warp of players in pole

Ship Pole Control Warp (Full)

Enables the automatic warp of ships in pole

Telnet-Flood Restart

Restart the tool if a telnet-flood occurs which would otherwise crash your server

Allow to edit (Full)

If you are not sure if the current version of the tool is compatible to the game-version or you notice strange data in the list or inventory, set this check-box. This way no game-data will be changed to prevent corruption (The tool has an automated detection if the game is incompatible to the tool. This is just in case).

Play sound for Chat Alerts

If a Chat Alert comes up (Yellow marked in Chat) a sound will be played

Telnet Log

Logs the Telnet Input/Output for debug


Choose a language the chat should be translated to. 64 languages available.

Fresh Start

Clears all old values to start a new game (factions, inventory, health, statistics, logs, structures, etc...)

After changing the config, please restart the tool.