Welcome to Emp Admin Helper and Emp Playfield Generator

We strongly encourage you to read the documentation before using our Tool! Especially for the full version of Emp Admin Helper!

Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) ships as part of the official Empyrion dedicated server installation and helps server admins keep an overview of both the game and the server it's running on. It makes it easy to handle difficult situations with a mouse click without ever needing to enter the game to search for the player or enter console commands. Its many automated functions and logging help ensure a stable and easy-to-manage server. Its also, in our opinion, the best Anti-Cheat-Tool for Empyrion bar none. The tool can be used by multiple admins on one server, exchanging all information on the fly in real time and its network support allows a single administrator to coordinate tasks accross multiple EAH servers and games.

Background of EAH

Programmed by Jascha this tool is the best one available for Empyrion to help Admins to manage their server.

First it was designed to help us fulfill some basic functions as Admins. But that was not enough for us. After a while and a lot of Servers full of cheaters we shifted the focus to an excellent Anti Cheat-Tool. So far even faster and better then EAC in some ways :) Later we enriched the tool with a lot of details, small and big functions to help us out even more. Even to the point that an Admin was only needed in emergency cases.

We spend many hours\days\even month desinging and creating it. This is not the end of the tool! No, it's the beginning. The tool will grow! We are constantly extending the tool so that one day an Admin might not be needed anymore ;-).

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