First connect

After restarting the tool, start the server by pressing "Functions-Start"

The Server will be startet and after 1 minute he will automatically connect you via Telnet. You see, if you are connected, when the "Connect"-Button on the top right gets green. After the first connect he will also automatically load all the data from the game. If its a brand new game at least one player needs to enter the server, then the tool needs to be restarted again and it should work. From then on all Data will be shown on the fly (or with FTP Player-Data as soon as the timetable starts the job).

Now you can start also the "EmpAdminHelperService" (Full). It will gather further data from the game and send it to all conected tools.

Congratulations! The Tool is now fully working. Now you can set and use all the other functions available.