Here you can see al Playfields, a few statistics and information and set also some rules and limits.


Automatic load of Playfields from the sector.yaml

  • Set limits (FULL)

    • Max Fa./Pl. CV/BA/SV/HV --> Set a limit for CV's/Bases/SV's/HV's per player/faction on a Playfield. 999 is unlimited
    • Max Class CV/BA/SV/HV --> Set a class limit for CV's/Bases/SV's/HV's on a Playfield. 0 is unlimited
    • Max Structures --> Set a limit on structures on a Playfield. 220 is max, since 255 means playfield crash
    • Max Faction/Player Base allover PVE/PVP --> Hinder players to build on each PVE/PVP tons of Bases by this allover limit. 0 is unlimited.
    • Prevent Global Base Check --> If checked this playfield will not be counted for the global base check (checkboxes on bottom left) For more informaiton about the limits and how to use them see Structure limit control
  • Set automatic wipe of structures after x hours

    • This way you could for example replace starter wipes by saying all player structures on the starter planets/orbits should be wiped after 7 days (put in the according hours). The tool will delete all structures on that playfield that were created before that time.
  • See Information (FULL)

    • about total structures/blocks/devices on that Playfield (refresh with "Load extra statistic values")
    • where the Playfield is located in the Universe or Orbit
  • Prevent structure data collection

    • prevents the collection of structures and structure logs. This is good for instances that create a lot of strucutres and then delete them again. those data does not need to be logged
  • Entrance message /Message priority

    • If set every player that enters that playfield will get a message.
  • Conext menu

    • Wipe --> Wipes that playfield

    • Backup --> Makes a backup of the playfield and its ships

    • Edit deposits and poi's --> See Deposit/POI reset

    • Reset deposits and poi's --> See Deposit/POI reset

    • Reset whole ground --> See Deposit/POI reset

    • Reset asteorides --> See Deposit/POI reset

    • Copy class restriction --> Copy the class restriction of the selected row and apply it on all playfields.

    • Load --> Loads the playfield.

    • Load extra statistic values

    • Reloads all Total values