Lite Items

Since the Game Version 1.4.x items can vary so much that EAH Lite is not able to know them anymore. If you use EAH lite you have to use a workaround each time you change items or start the server the first time:

  • Install Empyrion Dedicated Server on a local PC
  • Copy your Content folder ("...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\") from the remote server to your local server.

If you know your way around, the default "Configuration" folder ("...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Configuration"), as well as the Scenario folder you are using (Example "Default Akua-Omicron" Scenario: "...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Scenarios\Default Akua-Omicron) are enough.

If you update the config files you don't even have to update the whole scenario but only the default Configuration folder and the scenario Configuration folder: "...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Scenarios\Default Akua-Omicron\Content\Configuration"

  • Start the server localy with a EAH FULL Version ("...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\DedicatedServer\EmpyrionAdminHelper\")
  • Quickstart for the installation is mentioned here
  • Keep in mind to use the same scenario as you use on your remote server
  • Set up EAH FULL and start the local server
  • Join the game ones, wait 2 minutes and then you can shut off the local Server
  • Restart EAH FULL just in case and then close it
  • Now EAH Full generated a DB file with all items that are set in game. EAH FULL folder -> "...Empyrion - Dedicated Server\DedicatedServer\EmpyrionAdminHelper\Config\EAH_Item.dat"
  • Copy this file to your EAH Lite config folder (make sure EAH Lite is turned off before)
  • You should now have the latest Empyrion Items visible in EAH Lite