Patch Notes - EAH Lite

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Patch notes - 1.29.03

  • Fixed: Bug changing faction or origin

Patch notes - 1.29.02

  • Fixed: CSW and Player writing bug

Patch notes - 1.29

  • Added: FTP Config in seperate Window
  • Added: Lite has everything from Full Version except structure related things
  • Fixed: FTP bug

Patch notes - 1.27

  • Added: Telnet ply change
  • Added: Switch "Show Telnet output"
  • Added: Chat 2.0! -> No more Chat Spam
  • Added: Easier first Start
  • Added: Telnet Flood: Manual settings and more infos
  • Added: Improved reading of players
  • Added: Godmode 2.0
  • Added: Alpha 4.3
  • Fixed: FTP fix dedicated.yaml

Patch notes - 1.26

  • Added: Timetable: Monthly (+Parameter 2 for the Day)
  • Added: Timetable: 1 Minute
  • Added: Timetable: Player Online Check (in case you have trouble)
  • Added: Telnet: Improvements
  • Added: Telnet: Log
  • Added: Telnet: Better Telnet flood protection
  • Added: Chat: Doubleklick selects Player
  • Added: Performance Improvements
  • Added: Auto Restart: Try more often to kill old Process and wait longer
  • Added: Save corrupt player files
  • Fixed: Backup missing directory

Patch notes - 1.25

  • Added: Alpha 4.0 changes
  • Added: Deposits/POI List (and affected structures in full)
  • Added: Reset Deposit/POIs

Please remember: When Alpha 4.0 comes out you have to change the Gameversion in the confing to 4_0 (Not before) Please also be aware of the change of the Server-Directory of the Game with 4.0. Therefore you need to change the directories in the config accordingly and restart the tool.

Patch notes - 1.24

  • Added: Cutom Colors in Timetable and Chat
  • Added: Alpha 4.0 preperation
  • Added: SendLogsToDevs
  • Added: Statistic values and suggestions
  • Added: Sound on chat alert (turn on in config)
  • Added: Backup Tool files
  • Added: Premark Player for DevLogs
  • Fixed: Smal bugs

Patch notes - 1.23

  • Added: Unban multiple player
  • Added: Deacitvate old factions
  • Fixed: Duplicate Playername bug

Patch notes - 1.22

  • Added: Preperation for 3.4
  • Added: Flyout new arrangement
  • Added: Kill runnin Game Process
  • Added: Player: Save Player Coordinates for warp
  • Changed: Language filter adapted
  • Changed: Chatbot off if player is not unique
  • Fixed: Ban bug: not showing players whoms bantime is done as still banned
  • Fixed: Player:Information-Steamprofile

Patch notes - 1.21

  • Added: CB:Info (Startdate,Playtime,Structures, Last Reset....)
  • Added: CB:Shutdown (Admins) in Game
  • Added: Telnet Help new Commands
  • Added: Telnet Flood protection/restart
  • Added: prevent Server-Start when FTP Active
  • Added: Prevent multiple restarts
  • Added: Automatic kill of Game process with restart (in case it crashed)
  • Added: Function Kill all Empyrion Processes
  • Added: Restart/Wipe Message in one Message
  • Changed: CB:Reset/Restart every 3 hours
  • Changed: Adapted cb:time
  • Fixed: Reload Factions automatically
  • Fixed: unBanned player bug
  • Fixed: Playfields: All Planets

Patch notes - 1.20.1

  • Added: Playfields: Planet and Starter-Planet set automatically.
  • Fixed: Possible Playfield-Dialog Crash
  • Fixed: Several Typos/Translations
  • Fixed: Player Cleanup error

Patch notes - 1.20.0

  • Added: Timetable Toggle Playfield PVE/PVP
  • Added: Removed "Automatic" from Timetable Action
  • Added: See Coordinates
  • Added: cb:Heal
  • Added: God Mode
  • Added: Warp
  • Added: Warp to player
  • Added: Pole Control
  • Added: Emergency Warp

Patch notes - 1.19.0

  • Added: Timetable: 45 Minutes
  • Added: Playfields: Read from Sector.yaml
  • Added: CB:Time US format
  • Fixed: Offline Job load fixed
  • Fixed: Playfield: fixed columns

Patch notes - 1.18.0

  • Added: Playfield: Mark as Starterplanet (no affekt yet)
  • Added: FTP: Repeat and Timeout parameter in Settings.xml
  • Added: SFTP
  • Added: Automatic Player cleanup after 15 days (less then 5 playhours)

Patch notes - 1.17.0

  • Added: Latest Warnings
  • Added: Better window handling
  • Added: Config: Reorder of config
  • Added: Config: Removed old Versions from Config
  • Added: Config: Player Welcome Message
  • Added: Config: Turn on Off features
  • Added: Telnet Help: New commands
  • Added: Offline Jobs
  • Added: Swear filter
  • Added: Swear filter: Config turn on/off
  • Changed: Playfields: Sorted
  • Changed: Backups: Keep 4 Days
  • Changed: Logs: Keep 3 Days

Patch notes - 1.16.0

  • Added: Master/Slave Tool
  • Added: Reload faction when faction unknown

Patch notes - 1.15.0

  • Added: Ready for 2.1 (Files, Telnet)

  • Added: Duplicate Playfield Shown in Log

  • Added: Config: Custom Dedicated.cmd

  • Added: Chatbot: CB:RESTART (same as CB:RESET)

  • Added: # in Chat, Chatbot, Timetable-AutoChat for New Line

  • Added: Master/Slave Tool

  • Added: Search with CTRL+F and F3 in Chat

  • Changed: ChatBot: #;# replaced by # to Split Lines

  • Fixed: Foreign Names and Symbols in Names

  • Fixed: Default Resolution to Large

  • Fixed: Save Game with Blanks and ' not working

  • Fixed: Online Player/Playfield-List not accurate

Patch notes - 1.14.0

  • Added: Ready for 2.0 (Files, Telnet)

  • Added: Faction list - See all factions

  • Added: Chatbot: "CB:RESET" - Allows a player to reset once per day

  • Added: Chatbot: "CB:TIME" - Shows current Server time and day

  • Added: Playfield list: - Manual Wipe

  • Fixed: More accurate Online Player/Playfield list

  • Fixed: Timetable Options reduced to useable actions

  • Fixed: New Price of Full Version (1-50 Slots: 37€; 51+ Slots: 77€); No monthly costs anymore!

Patch notes - 1.13.0

The last two updates we focused more on stability and tweaks. It is time for big features again :)

  • Added: Statistics! See your hardware / server statistics and find corrupt playfields or analyze your server population!

  • Added: Show Steam profile of player! Of course you need to check what real player is behind the ID / name. Maybe you recognize him / her...

  • Added: Impersonate and impoersonate and overwrite player! That is one of the most important feature we are using on HWS daily. You slip in the role of the impersonated player - get his faction, get his inventory, can access to everything from him and talk to him in faction chat of course. Very handy!

  • Added: Backup ships as seperate backup as timetable job! Preparation for later feature to rollback ships and warp them in the Structures features (Full version)

  • Added: Delete old Backups automatically! Boost your performance and remove legacy structures

  • Added: Delete old Config Backups on start

  • Added: Config Backups in own folder

  • Added: Clean up Shared folder of old structures as timetable job

  • Fixed: Google Translate temp folder

Patch notes - 1.12.0

  • Fixed: Current Timetable now larger
  • Fixed: Fix Translate bug
  • Fixed: Improved performance

Prepared 1.7 patch in Config > Dropdown

Patch notes - 1.11.0

  • Fixed: New order of function area
  • Fixed: Adapt Telnet Faction Functions

Prepared 1.7 patch in Config > Dropdown

Patch notes - 1.9.0

  • Add: Chat Alerts shown in chat. You see if soemone calls an Admin, has a bug, etc...

  • Add: Chat Alerts. See all Alerts of the previous chat

  • Add: Custom Chat Alerts. You can enter your own chat alerts in the config. Seperate them with #

  • Add: Chat saved for 2 days

  • Add: Chat translation into 64 languages

  • Add: Playhours on the server are shown in the player list

  • Add: Change Faction of player now available

  • Add: for Nitrado Server: You can now insert a seperate Telnet IP in the config.

  • Fixed: Some Error Messages showing when player files corupt.

  • Fixed: Timetable now allows auto chat every 4 minutes, instead of 5. Its to prevent global chat spam.