"Restricted Playfields" only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now

This feature allows you to restrict a playfield to a certain origin, factions or player.

How to activate it:

First you need to set the Channel ID and the Token

Token ID = From your Discord API Dashboard Channel ID = Channel right click > Copy ID (if activated in your settings > appearance)

If you don't want to use Public or Admin channel, then enter a 0. Click on "Set Discord token" and enter the Token. Click ok. If you click again on "Set Discord Token" you will not see the Token and will overwrite it. The Token is crypted into the settings.xml

Then enter Faciton channel IDs

Then go to config and click on "Reload Discord" (maybe even twice). Then start to write in public/faction depending on what you set up. If you do not see any message in discord or the discord message is not send back,click "Reload Discord" again Try to chat again

Public Channel: Only global chat is shown in discord Admin Channel: Only alerts like "ADMIN" will be send to discord and vice versa. Faction chanel: Only Faction chat of that faction will be send to discord and vice versa.

If that does not work restart the tool.

Some Infos about the Discord Settings:

The Token ID: While this value is accessed via the Discord API web site (https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me) the actual value is retrieved after you have selected My Apps and created a new App (bot). The value that you need to use is the Apps Client ID.

Your new bot will need to be authorized to connect to your Discord server (https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=&permissions=0&scope=bot) and have an appropriate role assigned to work on your Discord servers non-public channels.

To find your Discord servers Channel ID's you will need to change your Discord clients settings (Your Settings -> Appearance -> Developer Mode). After this you can right click channels in you Discord server to obtain their ID. After all this you should be able to get all the info need to fill out the fields in Jascha's description.