The Timetable allows for automatic task to be done. Like automatic wipes, backups, restarts, chats, etc...

Actions: The task that should be done

  • Chat (Max 1 each 4 minutes, to prevent global chat spam)
  • Save (saves the tool-data)
  • Load (data from server (only for FTP acitve))
  • Backup (includes restart and cleanup of old backups)
  • Server Stop / Restart
  • Wipe (includes restart and backup)
  • Structure Backup (makes a smaler backup with only structures, no restart of server)
  • Shared Cleanup (cleans up old structures in the shared folder)
  • Playfield Structure Limit Check (set in playfields; sends out warnings. see "Structure Limit Control")
  • Playfield Max Overall Structure Check (set in playfields; sends out warnings. see "Structure Limit Control")
  • Player Cleanup (cleans up old players who never came back)
  • Toggle PVPVE (toggles the PVP/PVE setting of a playfield (multiple playfields seperated by #). This one does no restart but needs a restart to apply. Therefore set it for example 30 minutes before a restart.)
  • Backup Tool (Makes a backup of the tool data)
  • Player Online Check (In case telnet is one day not working correct again and it looks like you have massive players online use this to correct those players who are actually not logged in anymore)

Repeat: Set how often it should happen

  • Ever x minutes/ hours/ days
  • Every y (Certain weekday)
  • Monthly
  • Specific time

Time: Set the Time (not for "Ever x minutes/ hours/ days")

Parameter: Set the parameters

  • Automatic Chats: The Chat that should be send. Use # for new line
  • Automatic Wipe: The Playfield that should be wiped (You can also wipe more then one planet by seperating them with a "#" like: "Akua#Omicron Orbit”)
  • Toggle PVPVE: The Playfield that should be toggled (You can also assign more then one playfield by seperating them with a "#" like: "Akua#Omicron Orbit”)
  • Playfield Structure Limit Check: Set the ammount of warnings a player/faction should get, before he enforces the rule (default = 5).

Parameter 2: Set the parameters for specific actions

  • Monthly: Tpye in the day of the month when the job should be done. Example: "4" for every 4th of the month

Color: Color of the chat

The timetable could look for example like this: