Only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now


  • See all current structures (active and inactive/destroyed of the last 2 days)
  • Structures could be: base/ship/meteorites/pois/drones
  • Name, Typ, Owner, Playfield, Coordinates, Size, Filename, Blocks, Devices, Last Warp
  • Filter, sort....
  • See structures in poles (marked red; if Playfield is marked as planet)
  • Warnings about structures in poles are written into the log

Click on details (bottom left of the list) to see the also the Coordinate- and Structure-Logs for that structure (with all their functionalities).

  • Conext menu
    • Touch
      • touches the selected structures to keep them from beeing wiped if the player did not touch them
    • Change faction
      • Changes the faction of the structure
    • Warp structure
      • Warps the structure on the same playfield to different coordinates
    • Warp to structures
      • Warps your player to structure
    • Add from backup
      • Lets you select a Backup, Playfield, Structure and adds that structure back into the existing game
    • Add from folder
      • select a structure from a folder. The folder should be in the "Structure Templates" folder.
      • The folder has to have the same strucutre as the structure folder in the shared folder. That means it should contain area files. The folder itself can have any name you like.
    • Save coordinates
      • Saves the coordinates of the structure, to use them when warping a player
    • Mark for Dev logs
      • Marks this structure to be included in the dev logs
    • Destroy structure
      • Destroys the structure
    • What happend around here
      • Opens the Coordinate-Logs for that area and shows everything that happend in that area. You can widen the search-are in that window.
    • Set to admin faction
      • Sets the structure to the faction set in config as admin faction
    • Create clone
      • Creates a clone of the structure a few meters next to it.