Only available in the Emp Admin Helper Full version right now


  • See all current structures (active and inactive/destroyed of the last 2 days)
  • Structures could be: base/ship/meteorites/pois/drones
  • Name, Typ, Owner, Playfield, Coordinates, Size, Filename, Blocks, Devices, Last Warp
  • Filter, sort....
  • See structures in poles (marked red; if Playfield is marked as planet)
  • Warnings about structures in poles are written into the log

  • Conext menu
    • Change faction
      • Changes the faction of the structure
    • Warp structure
      • Warps the structure on the same playfield to different coordinates
    • Warp to structures
      • Warps your player to structure
    • Add from backup
      • Lets you select a Backup, Playfield, Structure and adds that structure back into the existing game
    • Save coordinates
      • Saves the coordinates of the structure, to use them when warping a player
    • Mark for Dev logs
      • Marks this structure to be included in the dev logs