Chat Bot

With the the Chatbot, you can enable player to look-up certain Information in-game over the chat. It might be for example nice to tell new players who the A are or when wipe times are scheduled. Those players can easily ask for that information themselves, without the need of an admin to react.

Whenever a player types "CB:?" He will see the whole list of commands (see picture further down).

Chatbot is deactivated for players with the same name. A info will be given though.

You could set for example the following commands:

Command: The Command that a player can enter into the chat The player allways has to start with "CB:" to talk to the chatbot. So he has to type for example "CB:WIPE" to start the command "Wipe"

Info: The Information about the command, that is shown when typing "CB:?"

Answer: The Answer the ChatBot will send when someone enters the command. "#" will force a new line.

Default Command:

  • there are certain default commands:
    • CB:Info --> Information about the Player: Startdate, Playtime, Last Reset, ....)
    • CB:TIME --> Shows Server Day and Time
    • CB:RESET --> Resets the player automatically. Every 3 hours possible.
    • CB:HEAL --> In case the player suffers from the perma-death bug, this might heal him. Only once per day and only for real dead once
    • CB:Survival (Full) --> Gives the player a survival kit, once every full-wipe (fresh start in config). You can set in the config how much credits he should get. If you want to give him items instead/additionaly just create a Survival.xml in the template folder and put all the items in there.
    • CB:GetShipDown:ID (Full) --> Allows a player to get down his ship, that is flying directly above him. He has to be directly under the ship on a max 30 meter EW/NS distance. Height does not matter.
    • CB:Shutdown --> Shut down Game from ingame (Only possible for Admins)
    • CB:Wipe--> Shows all wipes from timetable with Server-Date and Time
    • CB:NextWipe --> Shows all upcomming wipes from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
    • CB:NextRestart --> Shows all upcomming wipes/restarts/backups from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
    • CB:SaveTool --> Only for Admins. Saves the tool-data (incase it does not react anymore)

Ingame it would look like this:


  • CB:? -> “WIPE = Show current wipe times” (Out of column command/ information)
  • Player types: “CB:WIPE” (Out of column command)
  • Server Answers: “Current wipe times are ….” (Out of column answer)