Deposit / POI Reset

"Deposit / POI Reset" is partly available in the lite version

You want to reset POIs and Deposits without resetting the whole world? Here you go!

How to use it:

First of all all the deposits and POI's need to be added to the list.

POI's: (FULL) Visit all planets, start the service so that all the structures are loaded and push the button "Fill up with POI's". Thats all. In the lite version you still have to set them yourself. Just do it as with the deposits.

Deposits: You need to go to each deposit once, and enter them manually in the list with the coordinates. No automation yet :(

Refresh affected structures: If you click on this option all your entries will be checked to see which structures will be affected by the reset

Reset Deposits and POI's: This function will reset all deposits and poi's on that selected playfield (as long as you have listed them). Keep in mind that each area has a size of 500x500 meter. Therefore some sturctures or rather tunnels might be affected (you can see them in the "Affected structures" Column.